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24 Jun 2014
The US city of Los Angeles was recognised earlier this year as the most powerful city brand in the world by the UK’s Guardian newspaper; yet in the most recent edition of the Sportcal Global Sports Cities Index, LA ranked in just 46th position. Is there a link between hosting sports events and city branding, and how could the potential acquisition of a sporting mega-event, the 2024 summer Olympic Games, impact on LA?
10 Jun 2014
The projected economic impact of the Fifa World Cup 2014 is estimated at $27.8 billion, according to the Brazilian government - but the actual impact will be largely dependent on the tournament taking place with finished and fully functioning venues, minimal social unrest and the anticipated number of overseas visitors arriving, giving Brazil the economic stimulus that it seeks. Over the last four editions, the Fifa World Cup has taken in four host continents and five host countries.
27 May 2014
It is widely expected that when a city or country is awarded the summer or winter Olympics or other major multi-sport games, the host region will also benefit from hosting additional world championship-level events in advance of the showpiece, which will act as test events for the new infrastructure and venues. However, does the event-hosting legacy continue in the venues of mega-events after the event has been and gone? Does the mega-event create a hosting legacy that helps to justify...
14 May 2014
The number of sporting world championships dips in each summer Olympic year, with 2016 being no exception. However, there are still opportunities remaining for potential host cities and nations. In this article, Sportcal looks at some more of these remaining championships. Since the beginning of 2014, two world championship events for the year of 2016 have been awarded: the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships 2016 went to Oklahoma, USA, and the World Men's Curling Championship...
06 May 2014
Ice hockey's IIHF World Championships begin in Minsk, Belarus, later this week, but despite strong ticket sales and significant media and sponsor interest, the road to hosting the tournament has been mired by political controversy. Several bodies, including the European Parliament, have at various stages called for the award of hosting rights to Belarus to be withdrawn by the international federation because of the country's human rights record and stance towards political prisoners.
29 Apr 2014
The ZEN-NOH World Team Table Tennis Championships began on Monday in Tokyo, Japan. With a record 125 national table tennis associations competing, including 120 men’s teams and 100 women’s teams, concerns are growing that the championships are becoming too big, and that if nothing is done to stop the growth, willing hosts might not come forward in the future.
15 Apr 2014
Women are the “biggest emerging market in sport” according to Donna de Varona, president of DAMAR Inc, speaking at the SportAccord Convention in Belek, Turkey, last week. However, a number of leading sports hosting nations appear to be overlooking women-only events. 
08 Apr 2014
A growing perception that western Europe is falling behind in the global race to stage major sporting events has been proved correct in the latest edition of Sportcal’s Global Sports Nations Index, which was released last week. Western European nations, with a few exceptions, have dropped down in the rankings in the overall table, and most notably fall behind in the index for future events (2015-2020).
01 Apr 2014
Flushed with its success in hosting the winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia has established itself as the world’s number one sporting nation in 2014. China, top in 2012 and 2013, has dropped to fourth, below Canada and the UK. Canada has now moved up into second place, leapfrogging the UK, which remains in third place. 
25 Mar 2014
The next Olympic year, 2016, is rapidly approaching, yet hosts for several world championships in that year have yet to be decided. Over the coming months, Sportcal will take take a look at a selection of the remaining bidding opportunities on offer.  The 2014 edition of the Sportcal Global Nations Index, to be released early next month, will identify nearly 40 major multi-sport games and world championships already awarded to hosts in 2016.
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