Analysing and understanding the true impact of hosting events
Global Sports Impact (GSI) Cities Index

Sportcal’s GSI Nations and Cities Index, which is released annually, are products of the GSI Project.

Each event is given a weighting based on its GSI Rating. The rating is calculated using the latest events data across a range of indicators, measuring the size, scale and impact of an event. The data collected is attributed to the four modules of the GSI Project – Economic & Tourism, Media & Sponsorship, Social & Sustainability, Sporting. The core data is then processed to produce the GSI Event Rating.

The GSI Nations and Cities Index is then calculated by summing the GSI Ratings of all events a nation/city has hosted or will host in the future.

A time weighting is given, so that events in the current year are worth 100 per cent of the rating value, while events in previous or future years are worth less.

With more data analysed than ever before, the indices cover a 14-year period, covering seven years in the past and seven years in the future. For example, in April 2019, the analysed period was 2013-2026.