Analysing and understanding the true impact of hosting events
Global Sports Impact (GSI) Event Studies
In January 2017 Sportcal launched a four-year programme to bring federations, rights holders, host cities, governments, academic institutions and key stakeholders together to work with Sportcal and engage in the Global Sports Impact (GSI) Project.

The programme involves the analysis of world championships, series and multisport games from a diverse range of sports and events, to help event owners and hosts understand the true impact of their events across a wide range of sectors, and to support them in the further development of their event strategies.

Over 30 international federations have already engaged in the programme, including a four-year agreement signed between ASOIF and Sportcal, to support ASOIF members via the studies programme throughout the 2017-2020 Olympic cycle.

GSI Event Study Modules

A GSI Event Study is developed from five key modules which comprise the core elements of a GSI study and currently consist of 14 chapters of analysis.

Of the five modules the Event Overview is compulsory and is included in every study. The remaining modules and chapters can be added as required in order to meet your needs.

GSI Event Study Clients
GSI Event Study Example Pages


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