Analysing and understanding the true impact of hosting events
Global Sports Impact (GSI) Experts

Olga Correia

Executive Assistant
the International Association of Events Hosts

Olga is currently doing a PhD under the Institute for Sports Business at Loughborough University London and working for the International Association of Event Hosts. She will be contributing directly to the activities of the GSI Project Working Groups by assisting in the organisation of meetings and communication with IAEH members involved in the project. 

Prior to joining the International Association of Event Hosts, Olga worked for the Brazilian Ministry of Sports with the Brazilian Plan for Olympic Medals team. She has two Master Degrees in Sport Management (Brazil and UK), the first was focused on consumer/fan behaviour in sporting events and the second focusing on place branding and major events, specifically the impact of hosting the 2016 Olympic/Paralympic Games to the city of Rio de Janeiro.