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18 Jul 2019
FIBA is showing it can work effectively with the NBA to develop basketball worldwide, in markets such as Africa, and the national team game can be a winner, as well as the clubs, according to the international governing body’s secretary general.
16 Apr 2019
At the age of just 26, Olympic medallist Callum Skinner is one of the voices of a movement to empower athletes that the IOC and other sports bodies should ignore at their peril.
14 Feb 2019
The man who was Eddie the Eagle's minder is now heading up the second edition of the European Games, by way of London's successful bid for the Olympics. So what has he learned in the course of a long and varied career?
06 Feb 2019
The International Olympic Committee’s reputation is being traduced, says the recently-retired IOC member. But it only has itself to blame.
14 Nov 2018
Surfing is on the cusp of a technological revolution, just as it prepares to make its Olympic Games debut in Tokyo, says Sophie Goldschmidt, CEO of the World Surf League.
05 Oct 2018
Millions - perhaps even billions - of sports fans have seen Deltatre’s work, but practically none of them have heard of the company. But after 32 years, co-founder Giampiero Rinaudo has no plans to change a winning formula.
27 Jul 2018
After a career as a footballer, Stacey Copeland became a professional boxer. Now she's winning awards and making a name for herself as an advocate for women's sport.
13 Jul 2018
There are ever more agencies in sports marketing, but still “plenty of business” for the most successful, while sponsors are increasingly open to creative campaigns, says Steve Martin, global chief executive of UK-based M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment.
28 Jun 2018
Discovery's recent, blockbuster, $2-billion, 12-year deal for the PGA Tour outside USA underlined its global ambitions. It's also an indication of the 'future model' for the consumption of sport, says JB Perrette.
14 Jun 2018
Skateboarding's entry onto the Olympic programme at the Tokyo 2020 games is being handled by a 64-year-old non-skateboarder who doesn't care if it's in the Olympics or not. So just who is Gary Ream?
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