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07 Apr 2016
Sportcal speaks to Matt Porter, the chief executive of the Professional Darts Corporation, one of the sport’s governing bodies, about the development of the sport, and looks at its flagship tournaments.
28 Jan 2016
Super Bowl 50 is promising to be one of the most-watched sport events of 2016. Sportcal's media team takes a closer look at some of the key commercially-driven discussion points.
14 Jan 2016
The FA Cup is the oldest club soccer cup competition in the world, but has arguably suffered from a saturation of televised soccer. However, early signs show a boost in viewers following a broadcaster change.
10 Dec 2015
Premium sports content has long been considered the lifeblood of pay-TV in Europe, building empires such as the UK’s Sky, Canal Plus in France, Spain and Poland, Scandinavia’s Viasat, and Eurosport.
26 Nov 2015
Sports rights fees in China have made huge jumps for top properties such as basketball’s NBA, Spanish soccer's La Liga and WTA Tour tennis. These rights are also moving from traditional viewing platforms.
12 Oct 2015
Non-traditional methods of broadcasting content are becoming more readily available as technology develops. Sportcal Media takes a look at how new services are working alongside existing ones to give viewers as much content as possible.
06 Aug 2015
The 2015 Fifa Women’s World Cup in Canada was the largest edition in the competition’s history and broke records as huge television audiences tuned in to watch the action. The tournament was broadcast in 187 territories, and while the projected potential reach of 1 billion viewers does not reflect the actual number who tuned in, the viewing figures themselves show a successful World Cup as women’s soccer continues to grow globally.
25 Jun 2015
The 2015 Copa América, the South American soccer championships presently taking place in Chile, has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past month. By looking beyond the bribery scandal presently engulfing the international game, Sportcal provides a detailed overview of how media rights fees for the tournament have soared over the years - despite the revelations that much of the takings ended up in the wrong pockets.
28 May 2015
The host broadcasters of the 2015 Pacific Games in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, are preparing to launch their new model for affordable multi-sport games television coverage, in what they say could be a blueprint for future bid cities keen to avoid the spiralling costs associating with hosting major sports events.
30 Apr 2015
The cost of Spain's La Liga top-tier soccer league, calculated on a "cost per pay-TV subscriber basis", is the highest among Europe's big five soccer leagues, according to a new Sportcal study.
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