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12 Jun 2019
‘Change is the status quo’ in the sports and media industries and ‘disruption is the new normal’, a new report claims. So how can companies adapt?
04 Apr 2019
There was a Fifa World Cup last year, so Fifa topped the rankings in RedTorch’s #SportOnSocial table for 2018. Simple? Well, there’s a bit more to it than that.
07 Mar 2019
‘Olympic sports urged to be less entitled, more business-like,’ ran the Washington Post’s headline last week on ASOIF’s far-reaching new report, ‘Future of Global Sport’. Was it accurate, we ask ASOIF’s Andrew Ryan?
10 Jan 2019
Field hockey has a big year ahead of it, with the introduction of the new Pro League competition and the launch of OTT service Thierry Weil, the FIH's CEO, looks ahead to a new era.
20 Jul 2018
Establishing a regular quadrennial schedule for the Rugby League World Cup took nearly 60 years. So how will the 2021 edition maintain that “stake in the ground?”
29 Mar 2018
The FIVB and CEV, volleyball’s world and European governing bodies, respectively are hoping that snow volleyball will brush away winter blues and create a year-long volleyball calendar.
23 Nov 2017
Olympic and Paralympic sports are worth £19 billion ($25 billion) to the UK economy, more than agriculture, forestry and fishing combined (£11 billion), according to a recent report. Callum Murray probes the figures.
31 Aug 2017
In the wake of this summer’s FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in Austria, Fabio Azevedo, general director of the FIVB, talks to Sportcal Insight about the commercial future of the federation and its plans for the Asian market.
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