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08 Apr 2021
Alberto Guerrero, director of esports, Europe & MENA at Riot Games discusses the experience of this year’s League of Legends European Championship, and how it appeals to fans and brands.
06 Aug 2020
Andrew Umbers, co-founder and partner of Oakwell Sports Advisory, tells Euan Cunningham how outside investment can be a solution to the challenges faced by sports at a critical time, and the mutual benefits on offer.
04 Jun 2020
Professional Fighters League chairman and co-founder Donn Davis tells Simon Ward about standing out in the MMA world, the postponement of the 2020 season and planned innovations when it returns.
04 Mar 2020
Jonathan Rest talks to the early MLS protagonists about the journey from fledging start-up to North America’s bona fide fifth professional sports league.
26 Jun 2019
Major League Baseball, one of the world's iconic sporting leagues, is coming to the UK and London for the first time this weekend. Charlie Hill, MLB's managing director UK and Europe, discusses why this is the right time, and how the series can pave the way for long-term European expansion.
23 May 2019
The European club basketball competition landscape is complicated, with teams split into multiple tournaments, but the differing structures could provide food for thought for European soccer, as it considers changes to the Uefa Champions League.
02 May 2019
Canada: The world's largest economy without its own professional soccer league. Until last weekend. Jonathan Rest analyses the business case of the Canadian Premier League.
12 Dec 2018
Alex Rodriguez is one of the biggest names in the history of Major League Baseball. He tells Sportcal Insight about his vision for the sport amid the battle for consumers' attention
19 Jan 2018
In creating a joint venture with Deltatre, German soccer's DFL was one of the first rights-holders to take its official data in-house, as the Bundesliga seeks to harness the value of an evolving revenue stream.
08 Dec 2017
The NBA wants to stage more regular season games in Europe, but for now believes the annual showcase in London gives it the necessary direct presence in that market, and provides a focus for coverage throughout the year on TV and social media.
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