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01 Apr 2021
Brian Kim, chief executive of GumGum Sports, tells Tariq Saleh how a growing desire for data is altering the nature of sponsorship deals
19 Mar 2021
With partnerships focused on sustainability increasing in the sports industry, Tariq Saleh explores how it will change the landscape.
10 Feb 2021
Zohar Rahid, the general manager for Fanatics’ international business, explains how the online sportswear and merchandise retailer has met demand during the Covid-19 pandemic, and outlines its plans for the future.
16 May 2019
A new survey shows that half of sponsorship professionals believe that there will be growth in the sector in 2019, with women’s sport starting to gain traction, but proving ROI remains a major challenge for the industry.
25 Oct 2018
The US Supreme Court ruling in May that the prohibition of sports betting is not consistent with the US constitution has opened up a potential goldmine for US sports leagues.
03 Aug 2018
Sports teams and brands are becoming more appreciative of the social media impact of their sponsorship deals, especially as more commercial opportunities become available, according to the UK arm of GumGum Sports, an agency that uses artificial intelligence to measure return on investment.
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