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05 Dec 2019
The last decade has seen Australia’s broadcasters come under pressure due to the shift in viewing habits away from broadcast television towards streaming services such as Netflix. Broadcasters have had to cut costs as losses deepen, with advertisers following viewers to streaming services.
31 Oct 2019
The free-to-air market is dominated by two public service broadcasting networks – ARD and ZDF – and two commercial media groups - Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE.
03 Sep 2019
In 2018, there were 32.21 million television households within Mexico, representing a household penetration of 93.1 per cent. Over the next five years, television households are estimated to grow by 7.6 per cent to 34.66 million in 2023.
04 Jul 2019
Sports-wise, cricket still remains the most popular sport watched on television, with a 69 per cent viewership share in 2017. However, local sport kabaddi is fast gaining share, while wrestling and soccer remain popular.
04 Jun 2019
The Spanish television landscape has evolved considerably over the last five years, a trend that looks set to continue due to the rapid developments in technology, changes in consumer habits and increased convergence in the telecommunications and audio-visual sector.
26 Apr 2019
At the end of 2018, the percentage of the television audience who watched terrestrial television was 88.6 per cent, while the percentage of the audience who watched cable and satellite (including IPTV) was 11.4 per cent.
01 Apr 2019
Television continues to be strongly anchored in the everyday lives of French people. In 2018, the average daily viewing time was 3 hours and 46 minutes, when all screens (TV sets, PCs, tablets, and smartphones) and all locations are combined.
07 Mar 2019
The Irish television market, while small, is mature and competitive, with a wide range of operators and platforms offering domestic, UK and international channels. There were 1.6 million television households in 2017, representing a national television penetration of 92.2 per cent.
05 Feb 2019
Six major free-to-air (FTA) television networks compete in a market with shrinking audiences and declining advertising revenues. However, FTA television continues to be the medium that concentrates the largest investment in advertising, accounting for 35.4 per cent of all spending.
10 Jan 2019
The Netherlands has a population of 17.2 million people in 7.8 million households, with national television penetration approaching 100 per cent of households.
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