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11 Sep 2014
Italy’s Serie A soccer league has been the second-richest league in terms of the media rights revenues it earns from domestic and international sales for several years now; it passed the coveted €1 billion-per-year milestone in 2012, at the beginning of the present three-year cycle, and looks set to bring in close to €1.2 billion per year from 2015-16, following the recent auction held by the league and its agency partner, Infront Italy.
27 Aug 2014
The 2014 Fifa World Cup was a record-breaking event in many respects, from the number of television viewers worldwide to the billions of hits and views on social media. The tournament had significant repercussions in its host country and region as well: in Brazil, for example, television network Globo reaped record advertising revenues, with a 30-second spot during national team matches selling for nearly as much as an ad during the NFL Super Bowl.
14 Aug 2014
Sportcal’s media team takes a look back at this summer’s Fifa World Cup, which attracted huge international television audiences and broke records, and analyses some of the key viewing figures in the major European markets.
31 Jul 2014
Spain’s Liga BBVA, the first division soccer league, has long been acknowledged as one of the top leagues in the world, vying for the honours with England’s Premier League. The league’s results over the past few years would certainly attest to that, with Real Madrid’s resounding win, its 10th, over cross-city rival Atlético in last season’s Uefa Champions League final, while top-five Liga contender Sevilla took the Europa League title for the third time in a decade.
12 Jun 2014
Domestic television broadcasters are set to generate close to R$3 billion ($1.35 billion) in turnover from sponsorship packages sold around their coverage of the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.
20 May 2014
An auction under way for the media rights to Lega Serie A, the Italian top-tier soccer league is a "more modern" tender that caters to new technologies and offers exclusive cross platform rights, changes that will increase competition and bring in more revenue, according to the league and Infront Italy, its agency partner.
15 May 2014
Audiences in three of Europe’s ‘big five’ markets for the final of last night’s Uefa Europa League, European soccer’s second-tier clubs competition, showed a decrease on last year’s figure, although the match attracted an impressive audience in Spain, with La Liga’s Sevilla lifting the trophy.
15 Apr 2014
The turnover of Italian professional soccer totalled €2.69 billion ($3.71 billion) in the 2012-13 season, a 1.3-per-cent increase on the previous season, even as matchday receipts continued a downward trend, according to a report released by the FIGC, the sport's national federation.
09 Jul 2013
The revenue gap between Serie A, Italy's top-tier soccer league, and the other four major European leagues is widening as domestic club turnover has stagnated over the past eight years, according to Paulo Ciabattini, a leading Italian soccer analyst.
08 Sep 2010
Sportcal senior sports researcher and European soccer competition specialist Ezechiel Abatan studies the success of leading marketing agencies in securing media distribution rights for Uefa Euro 2012 qualifiers.
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