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03 Jun 2020
Sportcal takes a closer look at how the biggest American Football league generates its income through media, sponsorship and match day ticketing.
20 Sep 2019
The NFL season is underway. Sportcal has taken a look at the commercial landscape of America's favourite sport to provide a comprehensive guide to the NFL.
28 Sep 2018
Cameron Newton is an American football quarterback who plays for the Carolina Panthers. Newton has won one MVP ring from the NFL in 2015, when the Panthers reached the Super Bowl final against the Denver Broncos.
18 May 2018
The National Football League (NFL) is an American football league made up of 32 teams, split into the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Both the league and the teams attract well over $1 billion in sponsorship each season and revenue figures far exceed the other three major sports leagues in North America.
27 Oct 2017
Sportcal spoke to Dilesh Sangaran, Group Head of Corporate Affairs at Lycamobile, to understand why the brand entered into partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars and to understand the company's sponsorship strategy.
27 Oct 2017
As the designated 'home team' for the NFL International Series in London, the Jacksonville Jaguars are leading the development of American Football in a foreign market. Hussain Naqi, Vice President of International Development tells Sportcal how they are going about it.
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