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Athletics - 20 Mar 2008
The IAAF has today released the detailed statistics of its 2007 anti-doping programme including testing numbers, concluded positive cases and a list of athletes tested out-of-competition.
Athletics - 21 Sep 2007
The IAAF is pleased to confirm that the 11th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Osaka 2007, saw the implementation of the largest ever anti-doping programme at an athletics event.
Athletics - 23 Aug 2007
On the second and final day of the 46th IAAF Congress (22 – 23 Aug), which is being held in the Osaka Grand Cube Conference Centre, the following statement was endorsed by Congress which is the highest decision making body of the IAAF.
Athletics - 03 Aug 2007
Monte-Carlo - The 11th IAAF World Championships in Athletics will be subject to the largest Anti-Doping Programme ever conducted by the IAAF - including both drug testing and educational activities.
Athletics - 27 Mar 2007
Mombasa - During it’s meeting in Mombasa, Kenya, the IAAF Council has re-affirmed its call for an increase in doping sanctions to 4 years for the next version of the World Anti-doping Code which will be ratified in November 2007
Athletics - 13 Sep 2006
The IAAF is pleased to report that all doping control tests conducted at the recently completed IAAF World Junior Championships in Beijing (15-20 August) have returned negative results.
Athletics - 25 Aug 2006
Monte-Carlo - In light of the Media interest surrounding the Justin Gatlin (USA) case and the misreporting of statements made by IAAF representatives, the IAAF wishes to clarify the situation:
Athletics - 10 Aug 2006
The IAAF wishes to confirm that it is investigating, in conjunction with its partner, the United States Anti-Doping Agency, the activities of coach, Trevor Graham.
Athletics - 27 Apr 2006
UK Sport, the National Anti-Doping Organisation for the UK, has today announced its plans for tackling doping in sport for 2006/07 along with final details of the 2005/06 testing programme. This saw just under 8,000 tests conducting in the UK across 50 sports – a record number for a 12 month period.
Athletics - 19 Dec 2005
The European Athletic Association is surveying its Member Federations in an effort to catalogue the anti-doping educational measures available to the sport across Europe.
Athletics - 16 May 2005
UK Sport has stepped up its efforts in the fight for drug-free sport with the launch today of its new UK National Anti-Doping Policy.
Athletics - 30 Mar 2005
Montreal, March 29, 2005 – The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced today that it has appointed 13 members to its newly-formed Athlete Committee.
Athletics - 22 Dec 2004
Monte Carlo - The IAAF has now considered the written explanations received from the Greek athletes, Mr Konstantinos Kenteris and Ms Ekatherina Thanou and from the Greek coach, Mr Christos Tzekos, in response to doping charges filed against them by the IAAF on 2 December 2004.
Athletics - 17 Dec 2004
MONACO - The IAAF can confirm that it has received written explanations from Mr Konstantinos Kenteris and Ms Ekatherina Thanou to the doping charges filed against them by the IAAF on 2 December 2004.
Athletics - 17 Dec 2004
MONACO - The IAAF can confirm that it has received written explanations from Mr Konstantinos Kenteris and Ms Ekatherina Thanou to the doping charges filed against them by the IAAF on 2 December 2004.
Athletics - 06 Dec 2004
Helsinki, Finland - Set up by IAAF Council during the Athens Olympics, the IAAF Anti-Doping Task Force has now made a number of recommendations in an effort to strengthen the IAAF’s fight against doping.
Athletics - 02 Dec 2004
Monte Carlo - In August 2004, the IAAF Council appointed the Doping Review Board to investigate whether evidence exists of the commission of Doping Violations under IAAF Rules by the Greek athletes, Mr Konstantinos Kenteris and Ms Ekatherina Thanou and by their Greek Coach, Mr Christos Tzekos.
Athletics - 31 Aug 2004
Athens, Greece - As President of the IAAF, I am delighted to be able summarise the athletics competition of these Athens Games in one word – WONDERFUL!
Athletics - 26 Aug 2004
ATHENS – Greece - On 18 August 2004, the IOC Executive Board took a decision to refer the cases of Konstantinos Kenteris, Ekaterini Thanou and Christos Tzekos to the IAAF for further action under IAAF Rules, including possible sanctions.
Athletics - 07 Jul 2004
We've had trying times as an organization over the past 25 years and you've faced tough situations as a Board of Directors. But nothing is more challenging or dispiriting then the situation in which we find ourselves. Instead of a daily celebration of our great sport and our outstanding athletes, newspapers around the world are delivering news of scandal and shame related to some of our athletes and coaches. We and our sport deserve better.
Athletics - 30 Jun 2004
The IAAF yesterday received the decision of the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) in the arbitration between IAAF and USA Track and Field and Jerome Young.
Athletics - 25 Feb 2004
Statement from Richard W. Pound, WADA’s President, regarding the announcement by UK Athletics of Dwain Chambers’ sanction:
Athletics - 10 Feb 2004
Monte Carlo - The IAAF has been one of the leading International Sports’ Federations in the fight against doping in sport for more than 30 years, helping to introduce accreditation of anti-doping labs, out-of-competition testing and blood testing amongst other things.
Athletics - 15 Dec 2003
Monte Carlo - The IAAF has noted reports that have emerged from the United States in the last few days claiming that it tried to cover up the CJ Hunter case at the time of the Sydney Olympic Games. Given the very serious nature of this allegation, the IAAF wishes to put the record straight.
Athletics - 20 Nov 2003
Monte Carlo - The IAAF Council will meet in Berlin, Germany on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November 2003.
Athletics - 24 Oct 2003
Monte Carlo - At the time of the press release issued by USADA last Thursday, the IAAF was not in a position, for reasons of confidentiality, to give any detailed comment on its involvement in the investigation into the use of the new designer steroid, THG. Developments in the last 24 hours, however, now call for some clarification of the IAAF’s role in this matter.
Athletics - 17 Oct 2003
Monte Carlo - In response to the press release issued by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) last night, concerning recent cases for an 'undetectable' designer steroid, tetrahydrogestrinone or THG, the IAAF confirms that it has been notified of this investigation by USADA.
Athletics - 02 Oct 2003
Monte Carlo - The analysis of the B sample of Kenyan middle distance runner Bernard Lagat has failed to confirm the initial result of the anti-doping test conducted in Tubingen, Germany on 8 August 2003, where the analysis of the A sample returned an adverse finding for Erythropoietin (EPO),.
Athletics - 10 Sep 2003
The IAAF has received the athlete's explanation for testing positive for modafinil at the World Championships in Paris last month and it has not been accepted.
Athletics - 03 Sep 2003
Monte Carlo - Having obtained the necessary expert opinion on the subject, the IAAF has decided to classify the substance, modafinil, for which Kelli White tested positive following the Women’s 100m in Paris last week, in the category of weaker stimulants.
Athletics - 25 Jun 2003
Monte-Carlo - At a meeting held in the French Ministry of Sports in Paris today, IAAF President Lamine Diack on behalf of the International Association of Athletics Federations, athletics’ world governing body signed the protocol relating to the handling of the Anti-Doping control arrangements in France for the period to 31 December 2004, including the forthcoming 9th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, which take place in the French capital 23 – 31 August 2003.
Athletics - 30 Apr 2003
There has been much speculation recently surrounding revelations by the former USOC anti-doping official, Wade Exum, regarding an alleged cover up by the USOC of a number of doping cases in the period from 1988-2000.
Athletics - 07 Apr 2003
IAAF Council, meeting for the second day of working sessions, decided to award the 2005 World Youth Championships to Marrakesh following a presentation from a delegation including representatives of the Moroccan government, national athletics federation and the current World Champion at 400m hurdles, Nezha Bidouane.
Athletics - 18 Nov 2002
Monte Carlo - During the Morning session, reports were heard from the IAAF President and the IAAF General Secretary, after which a presentation was made by a delegation from Osaka. Following the presentation, Council agreed that the 2007 edition of the IAAF World Championships would take place in the Japanese City (see IAAF press release sent earlier today for more information).
Athletics - 18 Apr 2002
The IAAF has decided to refer its dispute with USA Track and Field concerning the unidentified US athlete who competed at the Sydney Olympic Games to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.
Athletics - 14 Mar 2002
The IAAF will be the first international sport federation to test for EPO and related substances out of competition, all year round, and on an unannounced basis.
Athletics - 13 Mar 2002
The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) today suspended the German Nordic Skier Mr. Thomas Oelsner from the Paralympic Games, after a doping sample taken on March 8 2002 tested positive for the prohibited substance Methenolone.
Athletics - 25 Jan 2002
Representatives of the IAAF and IDTM (International Doping Tests and Management) are discussing ways to finalise an E-learning Project to fight doping in athletics, which will be supported by the European Commission.
Athletics - 11 Jan 2002
IAAF President Lamine Diack welcomed delegates from Belgium (Brussels), Hungary (Budapest), Finland (Helsinki), Germany (Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart), Italy (Rome) and Russia (Moscow) to Monaco today for a briefing about the bid process and requirements for the 2005 IAAF World Championships in Athletics.
Athletics - 08 Jan 2002
Following the withdrawal of London as host of the 2005 World Championships in athletics, a number of IAAF member federations/cities have expressed interest in bidding for the World Championships in 2005 by sending a letter of intent.
Athletics - 17 Dec 2001
The annual publication of the UK’s ‘anti-doping’ figures [1] shows a total of 5,406 tests conducted in nearly 50 sports, including football, rugby, cricket and Olympic and Paralympic sports [2].
Athletics - 28 Nov 2001
MONACO- Monte-Carlo - IAAF Council, meeting today, agreed to make the IAAF Grand Prix Final a two day event from 2003 and also agreed that the competition should be hosted by Monaco for three consecutive years, to ensure the event has a stronger sense of identity, and to allow the possibility of hosting the World Athletics Gala on the same weekend in early September to further promote the sport. Monaco was selected, following a vote, in a direct contest with the German city of Stuttgart, because
Athletics - 04 Oct 2001
Following an agreement among the IAAF, UK Athletics, UK Sport and the IAAF's Anti-Doping testing specialists IDTM, testing for EPO will be carried out at the 10th World Half Marathon Championships which take place in Bristol on Sunday 7 October.
Athletics - 21 Aug 2001
The Foundation Board of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) voted to move its headquarters to Montreal, Canada, by a vote of 17 for Montreal and 15 for Lausanne yesterday in Tallinn, Estonia.
Athletics - 13 Aug 2001
IAAF Representatives, including IAAF Senior-Vice President Arne Ljungqvist met their USA Track & Field counterparts, led by CEO Craig Masback, this morning for what was described by Ljungqvist as 'a very productive meeting' concerning doping control matters.
Athletics - 08 Aug 2001
Up until today, the IAAF has carried out 130 in-competition anti-doping tests (urine samples). Seven were carried out on the first day, when the only event was the men's marathon, 43 on Day 2, 39 on Day 3 and 41 yesterday (Day 4).
Athletics - 06 Aug 2001
Today's meeting (4/08/01) between IOC Executive and IAAF Council may have become something of a tradition but it gave two newly elected Presidents, Lamine Diack of the IAAF, and Dr Jacques Rogge of the IOC, the opportunity to meet for the first time as leaders of the Olympic Movement and the top sport of the Games.
Athletics - 19 Sep 2000
Melbourne To Host 2001 IAAF Grand Prix Final
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