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Olympics - 13 Apr 2004
Construction work on the João Havelange Stadium is proceeding according to schedule: the pace of work on the installation was approved by the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro city, Cesar Maia, and by the president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the RIO 2007 Organizing Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman.
Olympics - 01 Oct 2003
The Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, has visited the beginning of works in the site located next to Madrid’s Stadium, where the future Aquatic Sports Center is going to be constructed. The venue will host the four aquatic disciplines (swimming, waterpolo, diving and synchronous swimming) in Madrid 2012 bid.
Olympics - 29 Sep 2003
The Plenary session of the City Council of Madrid has approved the bylaws of the Madrid 2012 Foundation, which has as principal aim to elaborate and to present, together with the Spanish Olympic Committee (SOC), the Madrid’s bid to celebrate the Olympic Games of 2012. This Foundation will be governed by a Patronage, where the City Council of Madrid will be represented by its mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón; the SOC, by its President, José María Echevarría; the Administration of the State by the Se
Olympics - 01 Aug 2003
Seven Sports Events are scheduled to take place in August 2003 as part of the preparations for the 2004 Olympic Games.
Olympics - 28 Jul 2003
The FIFA Emergency Committee, which convened to ratify matters related to the Olympic Football Tournaments Athens 2004, announced today that it had given its formal approval of the venue and kick-off time for the men's Final, as well as the format and match schedule for the women's competition.
Olympics - 23 Jul 2003
Stefi Productions, Gearhouse Broadcast and GlobeCast, the companies behind Athens Broadcast Services can now announce that their website has gone live.
Olympics - 14 Jul 2003
The Italian company Mondo SpA. was proclaimed Official Provider of the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games for the Track and Field Surfaces and Equipment of the Olympic Stadium (ÏÁÊÁ) and the Volleyball Surfaces for the Peace and Friendship Stadium. Athens 2004 Executive Director and COO Marton Simitsek and Mondo SpA President Fernando Stroppiana signed the contract today at the Athens 2004 headquarters.
Olympics - 11 Jun 2003
A total of 4,150 Doping tests will be conducted during the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Initial tests will be conducted during the 39 Sports Events in August 2004. During the Sports Events it is estimated that 500-600 urine tests will be carried out.
Olympics - 17 Apr 2003
Britain’s sporting ties with the rest of the world have been further strengthened after UK Sport recently signed co-operation agreements with two Olympic superpowers.
Olympics - 10 Apr 2003
With under 500 days to go before the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission concluded two-and-a-half days of productive meetings with the Athens Organising Committee (ATHOC) and the Greek Government with two clear messages:
Olympics - 07 Apr 2003
The ATHENS 2004 proposal to schedule the start time of the 2004 Marathon Race, which will follow the classic Marathon route, at 18.00 has been accepted by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF).
Olympics - 21 Feb 2003
The IOC Executive Board unanimously approved today the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay route. An Olympic Torch Relay route that, for the first time ever, will bring the torch to Africa and South America, thus including every continent in its call to the 2004 Olympic Games.
Olympics - 10 Jan 2003
The leaders of the Bid Committee from Salzburg, bidding to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, today handed over their impressive 3-volume Bid Book to officials of the International Olympic Committee at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne Switzerland.
Olympics - 05 Apr 2002
The 8th IOC Coordination Commission meetings concluded this morning. I wish to thank President, Denis Oswald, for his leadership and support. During these workgroups we have thoroughly presented the status of our preparations to the IOC and showed concrete progress. Of course, with just a little more than two years before the opening ceremony, and test events beginning this August in sailing, there is no time to lose.
Olympics - 21 Jan 2002
The World Olympians Association has laid the plans for an innovative WOA Olympians Reunion Center at the Salt Lake City Games designed to offer Olympians an alternative in life after the finish line.
Olympics - 22 Nov 2001
The ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games continued its cooperation with the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) and the Hellenic Association of Amateur Athletics (SEGAS) on the preparation of Athletics during the Olympic Games.
Olympics - 05 Oct 2001
A delegation of the International Football Federation (FIFA) headed by the FIFA Vice-president Issa Hayatou and the technical Director Michel Bacchini visited the headquarters of the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games.
Olympics - 29 Jun 2001
Pound: Success of Athens 2004 Vital to Future of Olympics IOC member Richard W. Pound concluded a three-day visit to Greece, that included a visit to the International Olympic Academy and a meeting with the Greek National Sponsors. At a Press Conference today he answered questionson a range of topics.
Olympics - 13 Jun 2001
Yesterday, a working model demonstrating the artistic and operational unity of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (AOSC - OAKA in Greek), a donation of the architect Dr. Santiago Calatrava, was presented by the artist himself and the Minister of Culture Evangelos Venizelos, in a press conference at the National Art Gallery, Athens.
Olympics - 18 Oct 2000
Excitement Builds as Torch Relay Nears the End
Olympics - 07 Oct 2000
Justin Muschamp Brings new Spin to Wheelchair Rugby
Olympics - 07 Oct 2000
Tickets Available for Opening Ceremony
Olympics - 07 Oct 2000
Indigenous Flame Created to Start Paralympic Relay
Olympics - 07 Oct 2000
Interview with Campbell Rose, Chief Executive of the 2001 Goodwill Games in Brisbane
Olympics - 02 Oct 2000
What the World Left Behind
Olympics - 02 Oct 2000
Olympic Games go out with a Spectacular Bang
Olympics - 01 Oct 2000
Sydney Bids Farewell to Greatest Show on Earth
Olympics - 30 Sep 2000
Kylie and Nikki on Top of the World for Closing Ceremony
Olympics - 30 Sep 2000
No Real Security Scares so Far at Sydney
Olympics - 30 Sep 2000
President Praises Riders and Games Organisers
Olympics - 30 Sep 2000
Crowds Top One Million for Olympic Football
Olympics - 27 Sep 2000
Olympics to End in Flames, Fireworks
Olympics - 24 Sep 2000
Begone Bogongs! Olympic-sized Moths Attend Games
Olympics - 23 Sep 2000
Roar of the Crowd Launches Spectacle
Olympics - 21 Sep 2000
Life's a Beach for Chelsea
Olympics - 20 Sep 2000
Flame Escapes Fire Ban But Not Graffiti
Olympics - 19 Sep 2000
SOCOG Welcomes One Million Visitors to Olympic Park
Olympics - 19 Sep 2000
Australia Wins Historic Equestrian Gold Medal
Olympics - 17 Sep 2000
Olympic Flag to Fly at Half Mast for Mrs Samaranch
Olympics - 17 Sep 2000
The Olympic Family is in Mourning at the Death of Mrs. Samaranch
Olympics - 15 Sep 2000
Party Spirit Blazes
Olympics - 13 Sep 2000
Olympic Opening Ceremony - How it's Evolved
Olympics - 13 Sep 2000
Don Bradman, Top Choice to Light Cauldron
Olympics - 13 Sep 2000
G'day World - Here Comes the Olympic Extravaganza
Olympics - 11 Sep 2000
Sydney Media Centre News Update
Olympics - 04 Sep 2000
The Don's Home Town Hosts the Torch
Olympics - 01 Sep 2000
Australian Native Flowers for Medallists Bouquets
Olympics - 31 Aug 2000
Brisbane On Countdown to Goodwill Games
Olympics - 27 Aug 2000
Drawing of Lots of Olympic Beach Volleyball
Olympics - 26 Aug 2000
Fireworks Display to Light up Sydney Harbour
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