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Judo - 01 Mar 2018 - Federations & NOCs
The Düsseldorf Grand Slam has just ended, just two weeks after that of Paris, which itself had followed the Tunis Grand Prix in early January. Three events already in 2018 for a sporting year that opened with fanfare for some, while the beginning was more difficult for others.
Judo - 22 Dec 2017 - Sponsorship
Budapest December 19, 2017 - A few days only after the success of the World Masters (St-Petersburg - RUS), which was the last event of the 2017 World Judo Tour, the President of the International Judo Federation, Mr. Marius Vizer, signed an important new sponsoring contract with the Russian company SMP, in the Presidential office in Budapest.
Judo - 08 Sep 2017 - Events
ULAANBAATAR (MGL) – The delegations of the 7 participating nations arrived yesterday in Ulaanbaatar, the Capital City of Mongolia, for the 1st CISM East Asia Judo Tournament.
Judo - 17 Aug 2017 - Events
From 5 to 11 September 2017, the Mongolian Delegation to CISM, together with CISM and the International Judo Federation, will host the 1st CISM East Asia Judo Championship-2017 in the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. 
Judo - 23 Jun 2017 - Federations & NOCs
New Judo Rules Seminar for referees and coaches from 9 ASEAN countries held in Tokyo
Judo - 02 Dec 2013 - Events
Judo in 2014 will open with a star-studded one-day team competition between Europe and Asia on Saturday 25 January in Tyumen, Russia.
Judo - 22 Jul 2010 - Media rights
The World Championship for Seniors in Tokyo is approaching rapidly (September 9-13) and IJF is the rights holder everywhere besides ASIA.
Judo - 12 Feb 2010 - Television
The International Judo Federation will be producing 26 minute highlight shows in cooperation with fighting films after each Grand Slam, Grand Prix, World Masters and World Championship.
Judo - 16 Apr 2009 - Bidding
Rio, 15 April 2009 – Rio de Janeiro has been selected to host the Brazilian leg of judo’s foremost international event, the Grand Slam tour, on 4-5 July 2009 at the Maracanãzinho Arena.
Judo - 11 Nov 2005
Having recently landed the 2010 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships, Birmingham was celebrating again this week when it was chosen by the British Judo Association as the host city of the Great Britain Judo World Cup in 2006.
Judo - 06 Jul 2001
Advertising opportunities for the World Judo Championship in Munich 26-59 july 2001 are still available.
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