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Waterskiing - 23 Sep 2004
For the very first time, the Shanghai area will host both the Waterski World Cup and the Chinese Grand Prix. The new Waterski Arena at Changshu is now ready for it’s first Waterski World Cup Stop. Changshu is widely known as The Future City – and with good reason. A totally new Shanghai Grand Prix Circuit, designed by Herman Tilke, is also ready for the first Formula 1 race ever held in China.
Waterskiing - 08 Sep 2004
Following the success of the 2004 Waterski World Cup Stops in France and Russia, the London Stop was for Slalom devotees. Being also the very last appearance of one of the sport’s greatest athletes, many expected a tear-jerker of the very best kind. In glorious sunshine and with the full support of sponsors Sunsail and MasterCraft, Thorpe Lakes, located beside Heathrow Airport, offered the perfect stage for this Stop and the season’s $650,000 total cash prize.
Waterskiing - 31 Aug 2004
The stage is set. The Slalom Stars are ready. This is the final count down to the Waterski World Cup Stop at Thorpe Lakes in London next weekend on Saturday, September 4th. It is the halfway point for the 2004 Waterski World Cup with Stops yet to come in the China, USA and Qatar. The superb spectacle of last month’s Stop in Russia is fresh in the minds of competitors. The challenge now continues for a slice of the US$ 650,000 season’s cash prize.
Waterskiing - 18 Aug 2004
On Saturday, September 4th, Thorpe Lakes in London will host a very special Slalom Waterski World Cup Stop – and this will be the last Stop in Europe in 2004.
Waterskiing - 12 Aug 2004
With 92 Federations around the World, members of the International Waterski Federation from all Continents will watch the Athens Olympics this year with special interest.
Waterskiing - 09 Aug 2004
A major coup has now been secured by the IWSF in China. China Central Television (CCTV) is China’s largest TV Network. It incorporates 209 TV Stations. With 400 million TV sets in China, this is the World’s largest single pool of receivers and is double that of the USA.
Waterskiing - 03 Aug 2004
The Waterski World Cup Stop staged in Dubna, Russia, on July 25th and 26th was a resounding success. With 24,000 spectators in attendance on day one and 30,000 on day two, this was an outstanding achievement for both the Sport and a location which had not staged an international event on this large scale before.
Waterskiing - 29 Jul 2004
Put 56 Journalists, 10 TV Companies, 54,000 spectators and the best World’s best Waterskiers together and the result is a guaranteed masterpiece.
Waterskiing - 19 Jul 2004
The launch of the 2004 Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup by the International Waterski Federation has been well timed. The first of the seven World Cup Stops in France saw crowds of over 20,000 cheer the Wakeboarders to excel.
Waterskiing - 12 Jul 2004
Thirty thousand spectators are expected to travel from Moscow, Tver, Dmitrov and Klin to the beautiful city of Dubna on July 24th / 25th. The attraction is the next Stop of the Waterski World Cup.
Waterskiing - 09 Jul 2004
A significant policy change this year by the IWSF has brought the new Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup to highly populated downtown locations. Over 20,000 spectators watched the first Stop in France on June 19th/20th. Top Ranked Waterskiers from 17 Nations have now lined up for the next Stop in Dubna, Russia on July 24th / 25th. The total cash prize for the series is $US 650,000.
Waterskiing - 28 Jun 2004
With seven worldwide Stops scheduled for 2004, the opening event of the Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup took off with a perfect start in France. Over 20,000 spectators packed the Enghien-les-Bains lakefront site just 12 km from Paris. In the shadow of the famous Enghien Casino, Mayor Philippe Sueur warmly welcomed the 28 Wakeboard Riders who came from 12 Countries to compete for their share of the total series cash prize of US$ 650,000.
Waterskiing - 15 Jun 2004
With over thirty million Waterskiers in the World today, all eyes are now focused on the first two Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup Stops of the season in France and Russia. These will be followed by Stops in the UK, Singapore, China, USA, and Qatar.
Waterskiing - 10 Jun 2004
Even major sporting competitions such as the Olympic Games have had to search hard to locate capable and cash rich sponsors. There just never seems to be enough funders to satisfy the market. Even motor racing’s Formula 1 is battling with serious cost issues. Following eighteen months of extensive research and cold calling, the International Waterski Federation has created a novel and successful formula to overcome this widespread problem.
Waterskiing - 26 Sep 2002
The International Water Ski Federation has approved at the Extraordinary Congress in Roquebrune-sur-Argens/France a major restructuring of its organization in order to develop the sport more aggressively and to better serve the needs of its members.
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